Standing In the Gap

Help spread the love of Jesus to people on the streets of Halifax.

Standing in The Gap

Standing In The Gap is a ministry at Faith City Church that spreads the love of Jesus Christ by engaging people who find themselves on the streets of Halifax with compassion, dignity, and love. We are inspired by Jesus' many encounters with individuals throughout the gospels, especially his connection with the women at the well (John 4).

With a cup of coffee, a hot meal and sandwich, Standing in the Gap spreads the love of Jesus and serves the homeless (maybe use people instead?) on the streets of Halifax. They are stirred by Jesus’ example to give and care for the needs of others. Every Friday, Scott and Janet along with an incredible group of volunteers from Faith City Church gather to pray for the needs of those in the city, pack some warm clothing and meals and head out to serve. During Christmas, the team leads a generous effort giving out backpacks filled with everyday essentials and a New Testament Bible to bring hope to people on the streets. It is amazing to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our city. 

We are always willing to listen, to speak truth and never judging. Teams go out on the street weekly, helping to meet basic needs and being led by the Holy Spirit, guided where to go and with whom to speak.