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About Midpoint Weekly Podcast

Join us as Pastor Paul and the Faith City Church Team delve deeper into our recent sermons by attempting to answer hard questions that arise through theological discourse and further examination of scripture.

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"Jesus is my healer, By His Stripes, I am Healed"

In this new episode, Paul and Ben lead us to reflect on the verse "Jesus is my healer, by His stripes, I am healed" and provide us with a broader context that helps us locate the meaning of this promise in balance.

Special Episodes

Sitting with the truth 2: Violent Hate Crime - London, ON

Sitting with the Truth 1: The Church and Residential Schools

Midpoint Weekly Episodes

10 Words - Episode 1

Contentment, adaptability, and dependency, three key aspects of applying and living the context surrounding the verse, "I can do anything through Christ who gives me strength." Don't miss this new episode where Ben and Paul help us to expand our understanding of one of the best-known and most used verses in the Bible and how there is more depth than meets the eye. 


Change is always happening, and although it is not always comfortable, there is no innovation without it. This week in our Midpoint Podcast, Paul Khosla and Ben Margeson reflect on how to get through these seasons when everything changes without our center, Jesus, changing.

Under the Sun - Episode 1

God called Abraham to come out of his tent and look at the stars to show him his eternal purpose (Genesis 15). Have you ever had times when God brought you out of the tent to speak to you? Through a passionate conversation around Pastors Paul Khosla and Ben Margeson discuss what it means to accept God's invitation to come out of the tent and discover all he has for us Under the Sun.

Under the Sun - episode 2

Pastor Paul Khosla and Pastor Ben Margeson dive deeper into the sermon series ā€œUnder the Sun.ā€ They talk about the importance of solitude in creating an atmosphere of connecting with the presence of God. Join the conversation about quieting our souls, creating community, and being refined by God.


Have you felt the momentum of the Holy Spirit taking you in your life, perhaps when you needed to trust or when you were aware of looking and letting go of God? In this new episode of the Midpoint Podcast, Pastors Ben Margeson and Paul Khosla lead us to reflect on the profound need to let ourselves be carried away by the presence of God to display the fruit of his spirit, listen to God's voice and be guided by Him without losing momentum.

Walk on water - Episode 1

Beyond Belief Episode 1 - We believe in healing

beyond belief episode 2 - we believe in generosity