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About Midpoint Weekly Podcast

Join us every Wendesday as Pastor Paul and the Faith City Church Team delve deeper into our recent sermons by attepting to answer hard questions that arise through theological discourse and further examination of scripture. Beyond Belief Series - exploring our Core Biblical Beliefs, Paul and the Faith City Church Team discuss what we believe, and why it matters. Join them as they speak about healing, the Church, salvation and other topics that are foundational to our faith.

Latest Episode

Under the Sun

God called Abraham to come out of his tent and look at the stars to show him his eternal purpose (Genesis 15). Have you ever had times when God brought you out of the tent to speak to you? Through a passionate conversation around Pastors Paul Khosla and Ben Margeson discuss what it means to accept God's invitation to come out of the tent and discover all he has for us Under the Sun.

Special Episodes

Sitting with the truth 2: Violent Hate Crime - London, ON

Sitting with the Truth 1: The Church and Residential Schools

Midpoint Weekly Episodes

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