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COVID-19 Update

An update on the Coronavirus and health restrictions by Faith City Church

Update September 15th, 2021

Dear Friends,

As you have now likely heard, the government has delayed the implementation of Phase Five of the Nova Scotia reopening plan ( 

While I recognize that this news; and the forthcoming clarifications regarding health guidelines in phase five will pose some challenges to us organizationally, they will not interfere with us pursuing of "eternal impact" as we endeavour to answer the call of Spirit to shine the light of Christ in our communities.  


At this time, and through the course of the fall, no matter what this pandemic or our life journey brings, I encourage us all to prayerfully invite God's transforming power to be at work through the renewing of minds (Romans 12).  


Let's encourage those around us to do the same, keeping Philippians 4:8 at the forefront of our hearts: 


"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things." 

As always, we are here to support you on your journey with Christ. Please reach out by email ( or text if there is anything that we can do (+1 844 409 5393) 


Grace, love, and peace. 


Rev. Paul Khosla 

Lead Pastor 

Faith City Church 

Update September 13th, 2021

Dear Friends, 


In my note last week, which can be found here on our website under the Covid-19 banner update (, we refocused on our calling to share the gospel with those around us and not to be distracted by ongoing rhetoric that seeks to spiritualize personal health choices and wrongly characterize the policies implemented by the Nova Scotia government as persecution of the church.  


This statement serves as a reminder that we fully support every individual’s right to make their own personal health choices and encourage everyone to do so in consultation with their health care providers. We will continue to follow the Nova Scotia health guidelines as communicated through official channels and provide options, in-person and online, for individuals to engage with our gatherings ( Our focus remains revealing the love of Christ to our community.   


In my note last week, I mentioned that we would provide an update on how we will proceed in phase five when it is implemented on September 15th. While we are still awaiting more detailed guidance from the provincial government, we are making the following tentative plans: 


  1. Beginning Sunday, September 26th, the 9:15 am service will be a health restrictions-optional gathering, and 11:00 am will be a health restriction-mandatory gathering. This means that at 9:15 am, the attendees will have the option of wearing a mask and standing 6 feet apart or sitting together without a mask, while attendees at 11:00 am will require masking, social distancing, and other provincially encouraged guidelines. 
  2. Children’s ministry will continue to be offered in one service for now, with a self-serve nursery available in both. We will rotate the children’s program between each service every other week to give everyone the chance to participate and plan to offer it in both services later in the fall. 
  3. We are in the process of determining how to approach other gatherings that take place in the church, such as youth service and Sunday night worship gatherings. We will provide further updates as necessary.  

We appreciate your patience and prayers as adjustments may have to be made when more information is made available from Nova Scotia Health. If there is anything we can do to support you spiritually at this time, please let us know.  


 Below, I have included a video to help you understand this update.


Grace, love, and peace. 


Rev. Paul Khosla 

Lead Pastor 

Faith City Church 

Updated September 10th, 2021

Dear Faith City Church,

We are thankful that our provincial government has announced we will be moving to Phase Five of the Nova Scotia Reopening Plan beginning September 15th.  


On October 4th, the province will be implementing a proof of vaccination policy for deemed discretionary and non-essential activities (more information is available here: Faith communities have been informed by Dr. Strang that faith gatherings are deemed essential services. 


This means that after October 4th, we will be able to gather without meeting the proof of vaccination requirement; however, other health restrictions will apply given the likelihood of vaccinated and unvaccinated people gathering together. 


In preparation for this change, I am consulting with those from the medical community of Faith City Church and continue discussions with the rest of our leadership team (Board & Pastoral Staff) as we await clear instructions on how essential services will be asked to respond to Phase Five. 


At Faith City Church, we have chosen to fully support those who are on the front lines of this pandemic by following the medical guidance and health restrictions put in place by Nova Scotia Health and advised and implemented by the health community.   


We will continue following this path and encourage all attendees and members of FCC to make their personal health choices in consultation with their health care provider. 


In addition, I am concerned by the rhetoric used by some in the Body of Christ, whom I believe to be misguided. They are appropriating the language of the persecuted church, claiming that the right of the church to worship freely and safely is at risk because of the provincial health restrictions. In fact, some have suggested that churches are being forced into following policies that are ungodly or in opposition to the Bible. 


This is not our position at Faith City Church. While we are steadfast in our support for individuals to make personal health choices, as a church, we will not support, engage with or be complicit through the silence with the dissemination of medical commentary and positions regarding COVID-19 that do not come through the official channels of the medical community and Nova Scotia Health. 


For clarity, we will not tolerate disinformation to be circulated through our communication channels, nor will we make official statements against the personal medical choices related to COVID-19. 


From a spiritual point of view, at FCC, we are concerned with the commission given to us by Christ to share His message of eternal salvation and hope with the world (Matthew 28). That commission is not impeded by the well-intentioned policies of the Nova Scotia medical community irrespective of whether, as individuals, we prefer, support, or view those policies as necessary or not. 


Spiritualizing COVID-19 healthcare choices, the cause of the pandemic, or the government's response to the pandemic, is a distraction from our calling to share the gospel.  


As a church, we continue to be committed to providing options for engaging people with the gospel and providing opportunities, in-person and online, that allows everyone to safely engage with our gatherings. We will provide an update next week regarding our in-person services.  


Much grace, love, and peace. 


Rev. Paul Khosla 

Lead Pastor 

Faith City Church 

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